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Incense, New Edition

Sku : 060549

Incense, New Edition

Author: Neal, Carl F.

Description: Carl F. Neal's classic, bestselling book on making incense with natural ingredients has now been expanded and updated. This new edition includes twice as many ingredients, twice as many base materials, three times as many incense binders, twice as many recipes, expanded information about natural charcoal, a new section on making incense from ingredients from the local supermarket, an extensively expanded and updated chapter on making incense, and two new rituals. Incense is your complete guide to making your own homemade blends. Whether you want to make loose, stick, coil, or cone incense, you'll find detailed instructions for everything from finding the right ingredients to proper drying methods. Explore your "scent-uality" and celebrate your connection to the spiritual side of life.

Dimensions: 22.5 and 19 cm
Page Count: 288

Incense, New Edition
SKU: 060549
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